Financial survey questionnaire

Answering a financial survey questionnaire is a great way of assessing the areas of personal finances you are good at, and the ones you need to improve.

  • A financial survey questionnaire is the first step to understand our personal finance gaps. From college students to young adults and mid-career Millenials, we are all being increasingly put in charge of our financial security after retirement. This financial survey questionnaire has helped me to access my financial knowledge strengths and weakness.
  • There is a vast number of financial products to choose from and little guidance on how to do so. If we are to take charge of our financial future we must have the proper monetary self-awareness to do so. This is why taking a financial literacy quiz is so important.

The first five questions of the financial survey questionnaire are basic questions. This first set of questions aims to assess basic financial literacy. These questions cover topics ranging from the working of interest rates and interest compounding to the effect of inflation, discounting and nominal versus real values.

The second set of questions aims to measure more advanced financial knowledge and covers topics such as the difference between stocks and bonds, the function of the stock market, the working of risk diversification, and the relationship between bond prices and interest rates.