The internet is about sharing, writing, and finding great original content. There is a lot of interesting people out there, starting new sites and blogs about the most varied topics.

I will share here a list with other blogs covering multiple subjects.

Most will be from people that, like me, are just beginning their blogging journey or have small niche sites.

The Irregular Girl Revolution


Chris Dove is the Irregular Girl, writing about key topics of our modern life. She writes about a myriad of topics including nutrition, fitness, meditation, mindfulness, passion, purpose, relationships and stress management. As I wrote in a recent post, personal finance is also about understanding yourself and what your needs are. I am sure Chris can help you with that!


Writing a blog while being a mother of two and running a business is not an easy feat – but it inevitably brings a lot of experience. With WrittenbySadia you can learn about marketing strategies, business opportunities, and how to expand your network. All of that while also getting some 101 motherhood tips and tricks.


Matt Ramey is a dedicated and kind believer in Financial Freedom as a life goal. He has several interesting articles on personal finance including active and passive income ideas and tons on dividend investing. It is surely worth a visit.


Financially Independent Mom

Janneke is a 34-year-old mom who lives with a husband and two little boys in the Netherlands. She is passionate about reaching financial independence and increasing her passive income.

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