8 secrets on how to raise highly successful children

Commit to telling your kids about saving.

Parenting begins from the birth of a kid. With every aspect of life, parents need to make their children energetic and successful. From schooling to college admission, they prefer to make their children successful. The different headlines of different crimes and scandals against the students are increasing day by day like ragging, racism, etc. these things can decrease the child’s confidence level—the trend to be involved in superb activities in school and colleges even in personal life.


Parents are left in a dilemma.

They try to protect children from these actions. Parents should be smart enough to get away from these worst things in their children’s life. Is this due to the destiny of the children? No, this is not true. These things have been revealed by a famous book, “The Formula: Unlocking the Secrets to Raising Highly Successful Children.” Co-author of this book Ronald Ferguson, an active member of Harvard’s achievement gap initiatives, reveals the truth of how parenting can help to set the goal for children and refine their abilities.

Teaching your kids about money - What next?

The role of parents

Ronald Ferguson defines the role of parents in eight segments that can make their children up to mark. These eight roles not only make children successful in life but make parenting more effective. These roles have been well researched and well recognized, playing the leading role in the success path.

Eight tremendous success roles of parents:

  1. The early learning partner:

Parents start their first role when children are going to school. Parents introduce interested learning ideas to a child. This book reveals that children who successfully are learned their essential words at this age. At this age, children are innocent and can explain things that they think.

  1. The “flight engineer”:

Supervision for a child’s growth is most important. This role of parenting is related to monitoring the environment where children’s thoughts grow. Make sure that children are getting the things they need. The involvement of parents is required, but it is not like that to become a helicopter parent.

Ferguson state that children have their thought about everything, and parents should understand thing. Give them some space to make independent relationships. The critical work of parents is to recognize their dream and be eager to pull them toward their interests.

  1. The fixer:

This role of parenting is just like an examination for them. Parents ensure that there are no chances for their child, or he can be lost his chance. In this scenario, parents try to fulfill all the child’s needs and not let him down.


Ferguson explains that parents could live in a lack of money, but they never miss their child’s chances in school or life. So this role can only play the responsible parents who need to make the child’s path easy.

Whenever you buy credit or take a loan, ask yourself if you are incurring good debt or bad debt.
  1. The revealer:

Experience comes from knowing extra things and understanding their presence. Revealer parents need to explore the thought of the child and let them know things. Exhibitions, museums, etc. are the best places where they can expand their opinions and understand things worldwide. When it comes to a lack of resources, parents can make these things by managing creative ideas. A child can involve with parents to focus on the information parents want to give.

  1. The philosopher:

The author says it is the second most vital role of parents. The philosopher’s role can help the child to understand the purpose of life. Parents need to ask the question and know what children think about it. Give them an answer and make sure that children understand the deep meaning of life. Parents need to upgrade the mind level of their children. These ideas can make them better human beings and clear them all doubts.

  1. The model:

Modeling is not the fashion world; it makes a role model for kids. It is related to the moral values of parents that they pass to their children. Parents should work hard in this scenario to ensure that children are connecting with their values or not if they should keep these values in daily life. Practice with these values the child engages with them.

  1. The negotiator:

This role of parents is different from other tasks because it teaches children to stand for themselves. Children can feel proud and confident in front of any person.  

  1. The GPS navigational voice:

Last but not least, the thought of parents. GPS navigational voice means parents’ thoughts and values with their child, and he will never forget them. When a child interacts with different people, he starts to understand the things his parents told. At that time, if a child follows those values in life, he can succeed in life.

Emotional-based personal financial planning risk management

All parenting roles are significant but not easy.

Parents should explore their child’s thoughts and understand them. Ask them how they feel about this world and how they will tackle all the situations. Pre-evaluation of the capability of a child can survive in this world. That all things are just related to making them sharp, intense, emotional, and understanding of the world. The most important role is the “revealer” because it makes sure the parents what their child reacts to and what he wants to become in his life. It makes child inner strength more powerful, and they will attract to their goal. So Ferguson explains these 8 roles of parents are worth implementing in real life.  

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